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Hyperdunk 2016 dense with respect to medical school, sweat sky Sports Institute, the Art Institute is definitely a good place.
   However, except where the Hyperdunk 2015 embankment month.
   Previous month 2015 hyperdunks standing signs the Art Institute, close on the cards bold obituary, in general, obituaries rarely occurs, even if the above should be only one name, but this time, there are two.
   Meng and Xia Yu, a couple pair of childhood, but in both passed away yesterday evening.Hyperdunk 2016 is the month the bank's two classmates, not in the time of the incident scene embankment month. Hyperdunk 2015 just heard an accident, meng life was taken away in an instant, when the summer rain meng stood beside the sudden arrival of a nightmare 2015 hyperdunks was scared when he recovered when meng's heartbeat has stopped. Summer distraught chose sentimentalism - he jumped down from the roof of the school building.
   This is since last year, the fifth died of lives.
   Meng what happened to the accident? Embankment month do not know, when Hyperdunk 2015 rushed to the scene,Hyperdunk 2016 have been people in white coats surrounded by a packed some reporters wanted to squeeze in to take pictures, the 2015 hyperdunks took their camera, will they launched gate.